- Other questions than these? Please send us an email: utleie@sias.no 




How and when can I apply for housing? You can apply when you have received your accommodation letter. Please send an e-mail to utleie@sias.no, and you will receive instructions about the electronic application. Please follow the instructions and don’t miss the deadlines. Se more detailed information here http://sias.no/english/housing/new_in_aas/apply.html

What is Boligtorget? Boligtorget is a webportal where SiÅs Bolig communicates with our residents. Here you will find your contract and bills. You can also let the housekeepers know about needed maintenance and the likes.
How do I know if I have been assigned accommodation? You will receive an e-mail when you have been assigned a room. You may all the time check your application and contract on Boligtorget

Can I choose my own room? No. SiÅs assigns rooms based on what’s vacant.
Do I have to pay a deposit? No. SiÅs will not ask for a deposit. You do an advance payment on your house rent every month. Before arrival you have to transfer house rent to SiÅs. If a residenece permit is required you will have to transfer via NMBU account. Without a residence permit requirement you can transfer directly to SiÅs. Depending on the size of the sum transferred, and the size of your house rent, this will cover approximately the first 2 or 3 months of your house rent.
Can the signing of the contract wait? Everyone gets 48 hours to sign their contract. If you don’t sign within the deadline your contract will get cancelled, and your accommodation will be assigned to the next applicant on our list.
When does my contract start – do I have to pay rent for July? Our contracts start on July 1st – and so does the house rent – even if you arrive later. You could choose to cancel your contract and apply again in the end of July, but then you are not guaranteed a room. So paying rent in July is a way to secure that you have a place to stay when you arrive.
What is my new address? You will be assigned a postbox when you arrive. You can use Your Name co/Pentagon Studentby until then.
Can I live together with a friend? Yes. If both have been assigned housing in Pentagon. Send an e-mail to utleie@sias.no with both your names, and we will do our best. Letting us know as soon as possible will increase the possibility of us finding vacant rooms in the same flat.
Can I bring a pet? No pets are allowed in the SiÅs housings. Except for a few accommodations where it is possible to keep a dog. You can send an application to utleie@sias.no.
What should I bring with me? All single rooms are furnished. You must bring duvet, pillow, bedding, towels and kitchen equipment. Or you can buy duvet, pillow and bed clothes for 300 NOK, and kitchen equipment for 800 NOK. It is also possible to rent kitchen equipment for 300 NOK for 6 mnd, or 600 NOK for 1 year.
What is Pentagon, Mølla, Palisaden and Casino? Pentagon I, Pentagon II, Palisaden and Pomona are geographical areas of our student housings. Mølla, Kringla, Casino etc. are names of the buildings in these areas. Check out the map to get known with our housing areas http://www.sias.no/pdf_dokumenter/Kart_2014.pdf 
When can I move in? You can move in from the day your contract starts. If you wish you can wait until the semester starts, and pick up your key when it suits you. If you arrive outside opening hours you can send us an e-mail (utleie@sias.no) and we will put out a key for you.
Can someone else pick up my key? Yes, you can arrange for a friend to pick up your key.
Do I get a storage room? Yes. Your contract includes a small storage room/basement locker. Bring a padlock. Make sure that you use the basement locker that goes along with your room. You only have access to the storage as long as your housing contract is effective. For renting extra storage contact the janitors via Boligtorget.



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