Moving in - termination of contract - moving out



Moving in:  

You can move in after 12:00pm the day the contract starts.

If you arrive later than the date the contract starts, please send a message to .

All rental agreements are regulated in the tenancy contract and attachement.

You can collect the key at SiÅs Housing, Boksmia, see map




The tenancy contract can be terminated in writing 3 months before moving out from 15. or last day in the month.

Termination at boligtorget.



Moving out:

The tenancy contract expires at 12:00pm, keys must be delivered according to this or as agreed on.

Your accommodation and the common area must be cleaned before moving out: please see here

Please send an email to at least 1 week before moving out, to make an appointment for cleaning check. 

Remember to bring all private items when you move out, incl. empty the storage room. 

Please make sure that house rent and laundry are paid before you move.


If you move out outside our opening hours, please deliver key in the letter opening in the door on the backside of Boksmia, SiÅs Housing.






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