Parking - cars and bicycles




SiÅs Bolig has parking spaces for students in Skogveien, Utveien 6, Kajaveien 15, Pomona, Pentagon (south of Mølla) and Palisaden.

Students who needs parking permit for their own car must send an e-mail to: with the registration number of the car.

Electronic parking permit is valid from receipt of confirmation by e-mail.


Only one parking permit per student is given.

Parking without permission will lead to a parking fee. It is only allowed to park on marked space/signposted area.



Students living in Skogveien may sign up for a parking lot with engine heater.




Parking for guests at Palisaden and Skogveien; available with payment via sms.




Please use designated areas for bicycle parking.



Parking NMBU






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