Personal Trainer - for more effective workout!






A Personal Trainer is educated from either a college or university, to teach you how to reach your goals - physically and mentally.





What can you expect from a PT?
Personal training is a service that you can buy like any other service. You should expect high standards from your PT. You should expect good results if you follow the steps recommended by your Personal Trainer. Depending on your goals the PT will set your plan accordingly.


Why should I choose a Personal Trainer?
Everyone has a goal for their workout. Some want a change in their lives, to become more fit, have more muscles or gain a weight reduction. And some want to become better athletes and reach new goals. Or just prevent body damage. In other words, a Personal Trainer is for everyone.



PT60 (one person)
1 hour:        360,- /   525,- (UMB students with paid semester fee to SiÅs/others)
5 hours:   1625,- / 2350,-
10 hours: 3100,- / 4450,-



For an appointment, contact

Patrick Hansen, Telephone: 64 96 63 51, Email: 

Or SiÅs Sports, Telephone: 64 96 63 47, Email: 





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