Student Post Service


The student postboxes are located in the SiÅs Headquarters (Samskipnadsbygning) next to the Agricultural Museum and the «Svanedammen».


Post-Office in Ås Town Centre

The nearest post-office is located in Ås town-centre and offers all postal services including depositing and withdrawing money, sending and receiving registered post etc.


Student Post Service - LUKA

The Student Post Service is a delivery-only service for student post.

Daily post will normally be delivered into the postboxes within 14.00 on weekdays,

Please use the correct post address!

All students at NMBU are allotted a postbox, usually shared by one or two other students. Husbands/wives/children of those living in student residences may also receive post at this address.

NB! Students' children must use a «c/o - address»


Adresse: SiÅs, 1432 Ås. Tlf: 64 96 63 00. Faks: 64 96 63 15. E-post: Webmaster